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Muscle and joint pain. How to overcome?
By Outubro 25, 2017 2 Comment

Muscle and joint pain. How to overcome?

Muscle and joint pains are often associated with advanced, often understood to be exclusive to the elderly.

However, this is not necessarily true. Although they are certainly more frequent, among the older population being a direct result of the natural processes of degeneration of old age are also often the result of a life of sacrifice, and the excesses of physical activity and work.

The reality is that also young people suffer more and more with this type of problems, the causes in youth are associated with intense practice of sports, posture problems and also due to stress and tension accumulated.

Symptoms and associated diseases.

There are several diseases related to muscle and joint pain. Some of the most damaging are rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, arthrosis, scoliosis, rheumatism. But varicose veins and circulation problems also affect thousands and will therefore receive our attention in a future article dedicated to these problems.

How to avoid?

There are several advice to keep you in good health and that apply perfectly in these cases. A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, a balanced diet, avoid alcohol and sugars, as well as no smoking ...

If you follow these advice you will already be safeguarding your health to take decisive steps to avoid muscle and joint pains. But you can and should follow other recommendations ...

When practicing sports or making considerable efforts, it is important not to disregard a good warm-up. The preparation of muscles, especially with a series of appropriate stretches, in this way may prevent muscle injuries. Also after physical practice you should do this type of exercises as it will help the muscles in their recovery.

Another of the causes of muscle and joint pain is obesity or overweight, so it is essential that you maintain a balanced weight for your height, resorting first to a varied and healthy diet.

Relieve Pain or Treat! That is the question…

The rest of the area that is affected is almost always the best procedure to treat the problem. The practice of physical activity should be reduced or even interrupted. Activities that exercise the muscles and that may result in sudden or aggressive movements are highly discouraged.

The application of ice packs or so-called patches are great ways to cause pain relief and reduce both swelling and inflammation.

There are several practices within conventional medicine or even in traditional medicine which seek to improve the quality of life of patients. As an example we have Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, and osteopathy just to give some examples.

If you look for an effective solution you can find out that one of the most used creams or ointments is SANO thermal regenerating cream because it presents an analgesic action based on the properties of Eucalyptus of Menthol, Camphor and Aloe Vera that provoke an almost immediate relief of back pain, increases flexibility and improves blood circulation.

Importance of Supplementation in Relieving Muscle and Joint Pains?

With a view to definitive treatment of muscle and joint pain you may need to reformulate your lifestyle, diet or resort to supplementation.

In today's society, it is increasingly important to supplement vitamins and minerals that are not included in the diet, such as calcium, zinc, vitamin D and magnesium.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals insofar as its action is important in maintaining the integrity of bones.

Magnesium is also a relaxant that helps prevent muscle aches and fatigue. While calcium acts as a stimulator of muscle contraction, magnesium will act as your relaxer.

It is important to remember that a lack of magnesium can compromise muscle contraction not only during physical activity but also during the contraction involving the organs, resulting in the fatigue characteristic of diseases such as fibromyalgia.

In any case, SANO always advises the consultation of a health specialist to direct you in search of the best results.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through CHAT and above all ...

Live Well, Live Wealthy

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      Maria Margarida Aldeia
      Fev 1, 2018

      Bom dia Gostaria de saber quantos comprimidos de Mg Dimalato Sano se deve tomar por dia? É igual ao malato de Mg? Obrigada Margarida

    • Avatar
      carlo rosa
      Abr 8, 2018

      eu ainda tenho um tubo da vossa pomada anti fruncolose SANO que ao longo dos anos a tenho posto especialmente em frunculos no anus mas neste momento acabou . Poderão informar-me onde posso adquirir? cts carlos rosa

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